Javascript library to add ‘stories’ everywhere – zuck.js

This is the github repository related to javascript library – zuck.js

What it does?

You can use this library to create ‘stories’ like effect on your website or mobile apps.

This idea is inspired by how WhatsApp has copied the idea from Snapchat Stories.

So, anyone is free to use ‘Stories’ feature on their website – something which flips automatically onto next media-item – whether it is photo/video.


Basically, it is making us more lazy – generally, we swipe from left to right when we want to view photos/videos in a particular album. Now, ‘stories’ is doing it for us, by automatically switching to next item in the collection. It is as simple as that.


‘Stories’ Algorithm:

  1. Initialize a collection of items.
  2. Set transition time to 2 seconds.
  3. Start with first item, view for 2 seconds and go to next item. Repeat this until you are at end of the collection.




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