Javascript library to add ‘stories’ everywhere – zuck.js

This is the github repository related to javascript library – zuck.js

What it does?

You can use this library to create ‘stories’ like effect on your website or mobile apps.

This idea is inspired by how WhatsApp has copied the idea from Snapchat Stories.

So, anyone is free to use ‘Stories’ feature on their website – something which flips automatically onto next media-item – whether it is photo/video.


Basically, it is making us more lazy – generally, we swipe from left to right when we want to view photos/videos in a particular album. Now, ‘stories’ is doing it for us, by automatically switching to next item in the collection. It is as simple as that.


‘Stories’ Algorithm:

  1. Initialize a collection of items.
  2. Set transition time to 2 seconds.
  3. Start with first item, view for 2 seconds and go to next item. Repeat this until you are at end of the collection.




Why TPUs?

TPU – Tensor Processing Unit

GPU – Graphics Processing Unit

CPU – Central Processing Unit

This is basically evolution of hardware, progressing hand-in-hand with software.

When software requires to be computed faster, hardware is created. Basically, in case of GPUs and TPUs,  the usecase of images and tensorflow computation fits respectively.

When hardware is invented or improved, software is created. My assumption is that, people slowly tend to start writing parallel programs because of the supporting hardware.

TPUs have been created exclusively for tensorflow computations, the ones which are performed in runtime of tensorflow library created by Google.

So, TPUs are specialized hardware circuitry. They are AI accelerators.

AI accelerators are specialized hardwares which supports AI algorithms, which deal with low precision arithmetic.