Uber hasn’t only taken up market space from many competitors, but also taken up  mind space of lot of entrepreneurs. Lots of startup enthusiasts are encouraged to think in terms of uber solution for problem x. The sharing economy model boosted by uber and on demand services as revealed by uber might change the way we live. (You could check out few articles in Quora like Which startups are focusing on uber for x? and in tech crunch like On demand mobility) Probably, assuming that people might lead simplistic lives, concept of ownership might change creating something like on demand ownership of an experience. Previously you had to own a car or a vehicle to take you from one place to another, if not , make a call to taxi provider. Now at the touch of a button, you are provided with CAAS, car as a service. The consumer of service is not bothered with maintenance of service, as service provider would have to deal that. The consumer is just owner of that experience temporally. So we will start having on demand service provider and on demand service consumer. Just like in the world of APIs, we have API service provider and API service consumer and end-user unaware/ oblivious  of the underlying interactions between different APIs, so too the owner of a particular experience being oblivious of underlying intermediate interactions between service providers and service consumers. And all this happening on demand, with sharing economy model. For example, a customer owns a riding experience temporally, oblivious of who exactly provides cabs, how are they maintained, how the drivers are recruited etc, but each of these endpoints become a service consumer- service provider merger and this enables on demand  experience for the end-user, the person who has booked the ride. So in this specific case, we have cab rentals as a service, cab maintenance as a service, driver recruitment as a service and the mashup of these service provision- consumption provide a riding experience for the end user seamlessly.

On demand services like the following might change our concept of ownership, like not binding ourselves to owned commodities, but more towards experiences, becoming more free, more open. So much so that concept of ownership would slowly migrate to concept of experiencing. Just for example, sharing economy and on demand like airbnb providing an experience of a stay in a place. On demand learning enabled by MOOCs. On demand food availability etc.

Assuming about following possibility ( powered by uber for transportation) (might be a detour from on demand service consumption and more towards mobility in service provision), not able to attach a business model, but something like a food truck as shown in the movie, ‘The Chef’:
Chefs could probably navigate in an area powered by uber food trucks, customers aware of what chef is going to cook, would just subscribe to this service and the count could reach a maximum based on availability to consumers nearer to the route taken by the truck, ultimately the special menu item is served hot at the door, unlike food delivery as seen nowadays. Extending food truck to other possibilities like learning music : the musical expert goes on uber creative truck, would stop by the musical instrument enthusiast and teach him few lessons ( this could apply to learning languages, technology etc).



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