Revolar – addons for wearable personal tech

Originally shared idea in
Revolar – addons for wearable personal tech
Just saw a product on wearable personal tech –

Reading about the product’s intro, got a thought like the following:-

A statement taken from Revolar’s website:

If you are ever in danger, simply press the button on your Revolar device and an Emergency Alert message with your location information will be sent to your loved ones.

Sharing some set of ideas below:-

a) Notify to trusted volunteer service organization (unaware of practicality though):-

If there is a (trusted) volunteering service organization , containing people who volunteer for help, then, based on geo-location of the person in trouble, the nearest top 15 – 20 people from that volunteer network could be notified, including the loved ones.
This could allow for speedy action for helping person.

For example, people in volunteering service organization could turn on their location when they are on listening mode, in the sense that they are ready/ hopefully making themselves free for volunteer help. Once a notification comes to their phone, the volunteers could take an action and provide help.

b) Nowadays, lot of posts in facebook like ‘person missing’

Thinking about how to solve this problem, we can try the following:

Define an area, sort of region, could possibly use google maps here. Let this area be like a trusted region for a person, defining that the person would navigate around this region. Once the device comes to know that person is moving out of this region, then the device would send alerts/ make notification calls to the loved ones, and like how Ola does for a cab ride, allowing to track the ride, the lovedones could possibly track the device location in realtime and reach the person.

Probably, using innovation from iot (Internet of Things) and in fusion with wearabletech , we could provide above two solutions.


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