Fedora 22: Wireless Connection Issues Solved

Downloaded Fedora 22 ISO image from ( Get Fedora )
Used Rufus to write Fedora 22 ISO onto USB ( Rufus – Create bootable USB drives )
Installed Fedora 22. Looks awesome.
But had issues with setting up WIFI.
Googled how to fix, found two cool links, followed:

(Install BroadCom Wifi Driver on Fedora 21)

Had executed below commands given in link above and then rebooted system

  1. lspci | grep -i broadcom
  2. sudo yum install kmod-wl akmods akmod-wl kernel-devel

(11 Things to do after installing Fedora 22)

Above link helped me setup :

1) Fedy – to install APPS and TWEAKS
2) RPMFusion – assuming its similar to PACMAN repo for opensuse

Cool things about Fedora 22:-

Gives mobile-like experience in the sense of notifications, for example: if a command is issued in terminal and you have switched to browser, when command is completed, it shows a notification saying that command is completed.

Even the desktop UI is similar in the sense of showing/displaying list of applications.

Fedora 22 Workstation Fedora 22


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