Ecommerce for HealthCare sector

(Originally shared idea in )

Currently, as of my knowledge, Practo is solving the problem of

a) booking appointment with doctors

b) listing doctors with specific skills (sorted based on ratings and experiences),

( adding to their idea –>probably tie up with uber/ola, if someone wants to visit a doctor, could drive them up and down).

Practo is at the level of doctors. I have not yet googled much, but inspired by which is ecommerce space for banks, atleast in India assuming, allowing customers to make an informed choice regarding loans, finances etc. Continuing in the medical space, similar to, if there is an ecommerce for hospital/ largely healthcare sector, like IMDB,

We can do like the following:-

1)  Get the database up filled with hospitals – their addresses, doctors, timings,
(Could integrate with practo to check doctor’s profile),
2)  List the numbers against each hospital webpage – number of surgeries/operations in a category etc
(start with a static webpage, containing pictures later dynamic page displaying user’s experience)
3)  Based on user’s location data, list the nearby hospitals specializing in user’s needs.
4)  For emergency purpose,

calling feature right from the webpage.
booking EMRI service (thinking in terms of uber for emergencies)
5)  For user engagement, add up recent photos of experiences (taking privacy into account).
6)  After getting above data, get started with what bankbazaar does with banks, do similar with hospitals,
something like:
‘I want to get operated for ‘eye surgery’ in Mumbai within 2 weeks’ (could add more factors here…)

7)  The system would list down hospitals who could cater to above requirement, provide sorting
based on budget, nearness to user (if required), ratings of doctors operating (pulled up from Practo),

8)  The next step would allow user to book an appointment with the hospital. Each hospital would have a healthcare

system which will be responsible for scheduling of appointments based on timelines of different doctors in different   skillsets. This healthcare system will send frequent updates to the main back-end. The queries raised by user at the e-commerce website would run against the data at the back-end and provide suggestions based on the collated data.
9)  Adding up to this, maybe tie up with uber/ola to book a cab for appointed date to the hospital.

10) After the user’s experience, user could go and provide ratings, (almost similar to zomato where users
go to zomato after their meals in hotels, providing reviews.), These ratings/reviews would come up
against the hospital.

11) Like how zomato cards are on tables of hospital, we can have ‘HealthCare’ (just imagining) cards on hospitals at           different places.

After some stages, would probably need the following integrations as well:-

12) Integrating Content Publishing –

for articles like: ‘Top ten tips for maintaining good vision’, ‘Top ten tips for avoiding gastric problems’ etc.

13) Integrating Payments – Use my paytm wallet to pay here, Get LoyaltyCards, Payback cards, coupons etc.


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