Do you own a website and want to know how engaged your users are – Then use HotJar


HotJar is an answer for lots of startups out there, It is an answer for all the owners of websites who want to know more about how the user is engaged within their website.

Imagine how facebook is able to keep the users on their website for long? Familiar faces of your friends, Familiar locations – which you have visited, Familiar Ideologies – articles of interest to you. It must be definitely doing lots of user-engagement analytics and finding out the user’s behaviour, patterns, how to keep users engaged in the website and not leave the facebook arena, (by spreading across through plugins).

Imagine if you had a website and if you could collect information of how users are engaged with your website and improve the website so that user does not have a thought of leaving the website.  HotJar is there to help you do that.

HotJar is an analytics app based on analysis and feedback, which basically measures user’s behavior and provides feedback from users.


  • It provides visual analytics appreciation via HeatMaps shown in below image.
  • It provides capability of recording sessions of visitors and observing the pattern.
  • Say you have different pages like – landing page, home page, checkout page, thankyou page and you want to filter out where exactly users are leaving out your website, then make some improvements and keep the user engaged.
  • It helps to analyze forms on a website, where users might get confused and leave out the website.


  • It allows to set up polls to learn about users, learn user’s opinions
  • It allows to set up surveys to find from users how they knew about you, why are they leaving, if at all and how to improve the website, ask users, they are the customers
  • It has a feature called Recruiters, where they have a live session with users by screen sharing to find out how they use the website and what they think of the website.

Lots of emerging startups, even the most visited websites might also get some viewpoints using hotJar.

Check out their development updates –

Check out their roadmap here –

Anyone interested in their documentation can have a look here –

HotJar – check out heatmaps of user engagement on your website.


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