Watching tv shows, together online –

What if you and your friend actually wanted to see some football match or some game of thrones episode together, but could not be present physically close?

Try Social Watching experience using ShowGoers, basically a chrome extension which analyzes netflix connection of you and your friend and sync’s up the watching experience.

Check out more on

This will make long distance relationships less annoying, as mentioned in

ProductHunt ( @mfts0’s thoughts on Showgoers


Just a thought extension on this bringing in virtual reality:-

Bring in a virtuality headset, connect with Showgoers extension on Chrome, produce an illusion of watching movies together, sitting close, cheering up etc.


A concern which I have not understood is the following:-

(Disclaimer: I have not yet installed the chrome extension and experimented the following to have a good say)

It tries to sync up player of you and your friend, so what if bandwidth of one is lesser compared to other? If one watcher is lagging behind, since the player is yet to load some frames due to less bandwidth, then other watcher might simply wait to sync up, affecting overall viewing experience?

But on the other hand, if connections are well and good, then this will work as a beauty.


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