Ease of embracing Cloud Storage Services

The following post is inspired by the following picture which I observed


Almost the last three – to – four decades saw the following innovations and how easily users embraced them depended on how easily the innovation providers provides its usable-innovative product to the innovation consumer.

Innovations(including inventions):-

  1. Computer
  2. Internet – the World Wide Web
  3. Web Applications starting with Search, Email, Ecommerce and so many varities satisfying user’s needs.
  4. Social Network
  5. Smartphones
  6. (Distributed systems – providing analytics, recommendations leveraging machine learning)

And am guessing that, we are entering the world of:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Cloud Storage

Just to jot down few observations or possibilities on Cloud Storage.


How is Google marching into providing ease embracing of Cloud Storage Services?

Check above picture.. It is observable that , whenever a website provides an option to save a file into our local system, it becomes a potential use-case of using cloud storage. Basic assumption is that user is logged into his Google account while browsing.

And how will a user embrace cloud storage service ?

  • Inject javascript into website.
  • Show buttons to click for saving to Cloud storage
  • Allow user to authenticate and select folder in cloud
  • Start saving.. Tada.. Done with saving file onto Cloud Storage
  • (And after that user is unconciously using innovation of cloud storage and doing his work.)

If you want to check this out (this article will become obsolete, as in the future, users will be doing it very frequently),

Yes, I experienced a ‘WoW’ too.

It is amazing that such an easy embracing provided by Google. Who are the other competitors in market of Cloud Storage? – Microsoft, Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook?


Currently, Facebook allows to store photos,videos,links, notes….. what about documents? Oh. But is Facebook looking into cloud storage? Should it? This thought came about when I observed that button: Save to Google Drive. I have seen other similar buttons- the social media sharing buttons, especially Facebook. What if Facebook plans to provide APIs to developers in similar fashion and allow users to save documents, assuming that Facebook has its huge set of datacenters, with lot of storage space. (Here also, making an assumption about Facebook users that they are logged in and Oh, the plugin/ javascript injection-turned button would ask the user to just log-in. So, job done.)


Amazon Cloud Services are currently used by companies, not just for storage purpose, but for handling calculations/processing user’s needs based on the interaction with a particular web-based solution. Imagine, user browsing through Amazon website for purchasing items. Parallely, checking out some websites. Amazon could do that (plugin on a web-page to save to Amazon drive) too, allowing users to store in their Cloud.


Like how Google will be engaged with users with their Android-base and like how Facebook will be engaged with users, who are ‘logged in’ to the app, Microsoft too is engaged with users, who are having Windows phones. They enable use of Sky-drive. Microsoft could do that too ((plugin on a web-page to save to sky drive)).

Why should Cloud Storage Services be easily embraced by Internet users, given that currently, companies are leveraging Cloud Storage Services? The most important customers to any innovative product is the end-user, the individuals directly and if this innovation provider can reach the innovation consumer directly, it would be good.


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