Virtual Reality – Inception Inspiration


Lots of stuff recently in technology blogs are about Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality where we have a mix of virtual images/objects mixed with the real scene. Virtual Reality is, where there is no real scene, assuming that experiencing virtual reality is through eyes and the projection created by the headset is a virtual scene.

Virtual reality is an immersive multimedia experience for individuals,

hmm, why should it be restricted to individuals? Can’t group of people experience virtual reality, in the sense that currently headsets are presented to individuals and each individual experience the virtual scene. Its almost like a person listening to a music on a laptop with his own headphone. Whereas when a group of people enter a theatre/multiplex for watching a movie, they experience the music/movie using the medium provided by the theatre. So, there might come a possibility to provide a virtual reality experience, which might involve guiding of people around the virtual world.

Version 1.0 – Trying to jot down few points regarding virtual reality experience:-

  • Virtual Currency – method of payment in Virtual Reality

We do earn money, spend money in the real world. So, virtual reality might be able to provide an experience where people spend their time, do some virtual job, earn some money and there might be a medium to transfer that virtual currency to a real currency? Depending on the pervasiveness of this virtual reality market, people might start doing  businesses in the virtual world. Since imagination is far away from reality, virtual reality might bring some experience which might be incomprehensible to individuals.

  • Virtual Web – Browsing Virtually, creating Virtual Content

Imagine people browsing the internet for information. Imagine people spending their time in virtual reality and people have become so obsessed in real life internet that they might want to explore the things present in virtual world, so they would want a virtual web which would present things in the same way as the web does now. We might as well have a virtual browser, virtual internet , virtual google. This takes me to the next point.

  • Virtual Onboarding – a reality of Inception movie?

People who want to experience their dream world, just plugin to the virtual reality, experience it. And what would be the level of virtuality world. Imagine that the real world where people live in , breathe physical air is at level 0, the first virtual world is at level 1, Some virtual reality pioneer might provide  the next level of virtual world within the level one virtual world. Sounds almost like inception, dream within a dream. Maybe that pioneer would present its onboarding facility, just login to the website, connect your virtual headset, immerse yourself into these levels of virtual realities…

  • Second Life and Virtual Reality?

I assume Second Life, a virtual world (game) does not have a headset-interface, if I am not wrong. The speed at which many startups, research organizations are working in virtual reality, it might bring forth lots of multimedia creations providing experiences through headset or other medium, like how Second Life initially intended to.

  • Parallel Universes and Virtual Reality?

Just a related concept, maybe. Am unaware of the concept of parallel universe. But universe within a universe is what virtual reality might target in becoming…

  • Injecting Intelligence into Virtual Reality — creating some possibility in Virtual Reality, transport to Real World?

Shooting for stars here.. If the real world does not provide space and is limited to perform some research or try some possibility, maybe virtual reality might provide a mechanism to try these and bring out some amazing results. And what if there is some mechanism to transport these back to real world and share the results in the real world? Like how USB is used to transfer data from one system to another. Some USB thingy to transfer data from virtual world to real world…

  • Virtual Experiments

Imagine einstein doing thought experiments like sitting on a light beam and moving along with the light beam. Based on the properties of various objects which have been identified and then simulated in virtual world, interested people can do virtual experiments, like imagining to be sitting on a bird, experience the flight manoeuvre of a bird.

  • Programming Virtual Reality? (The Matrix)

This reminds of the movie Matrix. Hackers hacking the real world, why wont they be interested in hacking the virtual world, after all virtual reality is going to be programmed and based on machine learning or artificial intelligence, virtual reality would try to respond to user’s actions, by image manipulation.

  • Teaching through Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality could be leveraged for education purposes. Chemistry, visualizing the atomic structure. Electronics, transfer of bytes from one location to another. Computer Algorithms – Visualizing self balancing property of Red-Black trees. Mechanics – understanding the nuts and bolts of a complex machine in a simpler manner.

  • Imagination empowered by Virtual Reality?

The real world and the real experiences, the books, music, media, sound, touch and the sensory information captured by the senses allow our imagination to wander enough (might involve past life experiences as well :)). Probably, virtual reality might expand the imagination, it might pave a path for imagination.

  • Mind-boggling inventions using Virtual Reality?

Imagination is more important than knowledge – Einstein. When imagination would be empowered by Virtual Reality, inventions and possibilities would increase.

  • Virtual People, Virtual Lives, Practice?

Real people plugging into Virtual World and there might be people who are born in virtual world, just like what is shown in matrix. People might be able to practice some skills in virtual reality and when this sensory information is captured in the virtual world, it might be put to use in the real world.

  • Illusion – Maya – Sages – Virtual Reality – Sages laughing…

Lastly, wanted to touch on maya/illusion part. The life we are living, as perceived by Saintists (Saints who are scientists) is an illusion. And virtual reality is taking us to another level of illusion. People might get so bogged down with virtual reality and might start thinking virtual reality as their reality, but at level 0, there was the real reality and at level -1, meaning before physical birth would have been another level of reality, which the human being might not be aware of, since he/she is reading this article in reality level 0.


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