What shall happen to desktop software?


In the previous decade, more and more people started embracing computers. This led companies to provide desktop-based solutions. This led companies to innovate on desktop-executables for people to use on a daily basis.

But disruptive innovation in the technology space like the web and now smartphones created a paradigm shift for existing desktop-thriving companies. Till when desktop companies would rely their revenue on their existing customers? Existing desktop-software consumers are moving fast into the space of web and smartphones. Attracting new customers will be out of option.

Desktop software solutions companies have to migrate to web, as more and more users are on the web and shifting from web to desktop is almost a pain for some. They need to embrace the phone-app world or web-app world. One strategy for them would be keep existing desktop solutions, create web-enabled solutions, catch users, expand customer-base, slowly migrate from desktop-only solution towards web-only solution.

The affordability of web-technologies make competition more stiff for desktop-solution providers. Most of the desktop-solutions have come on to the web- be it office-based (google-docs), photo-editing (photo-editing extensions for browsers), mails (most of web-based mail clients), multi-media (streaming). The emergence of Chromebook is a direct example of drifting away from desktop and moving to web.

Currently, people are still using desktop-solutions if they fall into following categories:-

  1. They are un-aware of web-equivalent solutions.
  2. I dont want to use Internet all the time, pay for the bills. I can get my work done using this software.
  3. People are very much used to using the desktop-solution that they dont want to migrate towards web.
  4. Some of the softwares will still not have a equivalent solution in the web-space / smartphone-app-space.

Emergence of Cloud-based services:

As more and more companies are embracing cloud services, they shall start providing cloud-based solutions. Google docs has already caught some part of the market. Others will be on their way, but what will be the differentiation factor?

Networking will be a big space for innovation in coming years, as more people would start embracing web, so scale will grow, existing solutions might be obsolete, would require not tuning, but from-scratch innovation.

Previously hackers targeted desktop-users and as more people embrace web, they shall start targetting web-users and innovation in security will start improving.


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