Analysis of HackerEarth API

TLDR: What is HackerEarth API about?

  1. What you can do with HackerEarth API?
    1. You can compile code in several languages
    2. You can run code in several languages
  2. So, what are the endpoints of HackerEarth API?
    1. For compiling code:
    2. For running code:
  3. Does the API require authorization?
    1. Yes, the API requires key-based authorization. Each client gets a key when a client registers the web-application with the API. And whenever the client interacts with HackerEarth API, the client would need to provide the key.
  4. How does a client get a key for using HackerEarth API?
    1. You need to visit, which will provide registration for your web application.
  5. Does HackerEarth support single-signon for having a HackerEarth account?
    1. Need to check on this.
  6. How does a HackerEarth API Client look like?
    1. As of today, client consists of client name, host name, client id, client secret key, client quota (number of compile calls (<=1000), number of run calls(<=1000)
  7. How many clients can be registered by a HackerEarth API user?
    1. 4
  8. Are there other alternatives to HackerEarth API?
    1. Any webservice which allows to compile and run code would serve the purpose of HackerEarth API.
    2. Need to find out alternative APIs.

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