Where do I start?

TLDR: I am trying to find some point to write about.

After a long time, wanted to write something. Earlier, I used to write at http://www.gansai.blogspot.in . Now I just came back to wordpress trying to vomit out some thoughts. So many cool things have come lately, just so many ideas which have come to implementation stage, and not just ideation stage. The last time I blogged, smartphone industry was in its infancy. Now, it has grown into leaps and bounds, creating large number of creative spaces to express. I was reading Biz Stone’s “Things a little bird told me”. It was surprising to me in the chapter where he narrated the story of how he got into google. The concept so much related to “The Secret” and “Law of Attraction”. Just using his visualization powers and little bit of action, he achieved them. I am yet to read remaining chapters of this interesting titled book. The title refers to his product- Twitter. Twitter, covering all the chirpings of all the individuals, as though, all of them were chirping about their thoughts. Nowadays, concise text is fashion. How do you deliver your thought across to someone with less words. Twitter in a way has made people to practice concise expression.

Let me start with above thoughts…


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