Windows Address bar

Just yesterday, my friend was sharing a tweak which my junior had found.
Basically go to Windows Address bar in some folder and type cmd.
It will open command prompt pointing to that folder.

1. Press Windows + E. This will open My Computer.
2. In Address bar on top, now type cmd.
3. It will open command prompt pointing to C:\Windows\system32.

4. Go to d: drive or f: drive, Now again type cmd. It will point to d: drive or f: drive.

Why all this? You can avoid typing cd in command prompt. This is for those who are lazy typing folder names in command prompt and trying to go to navigate to that folder.

But windows address bar is not some basic address bar.
I think it is parallel of run utility.

Just type any thing which you are used to doing in run.
For example: msconfig.

Now type msconfig in windows address bar. It opens up Configuration Utility.