unknown to known

when unknown becomes known, fear loses its grip.

if there is an unsettled issue which has creeped for long and if we have solved it, the bliss is overflowing.
feeling accomplished too…



Just tried coding using luhn algorithm.
Luhn algo code already available.

Simple algo. Idea to validate set of numbers grouped together.
Interesting piece to write up modules to get work done.

Feeling accomplished . (Smiley)

No idea what title

This one comes after a long time.
Can’t say that I got busy.
May be priorities are not right?
May be just got pushed by unknown waves to unknown shores?

No Clarity. No Purpose. Full Confusion. Erratic. Eccentric.
Unsure of future.
Regrets of the past.

Expected Traits of a human being?

Fat. Fart. Not Farther.
Watch. Involved. Unaware.