Breaking Google’s Glass

I was so stunned at the capabilities of Google Glass from the marketing video presented by Google.
So much of innovation fit into so little of size. Wearable Computing atlast to the masses?
Just a quick idea as follows:-

  1. What if Google Glass is not only beneficial to visually non-challenged, but for visually-challenged too?
    1. What if Google Glass is used to take video of what our eyes see and we have some Siri-like creature embedded in Google Glass’s prototype, which actually lets you know, ‘Boss, there is a dough-nut bakery on far right, around 3 mins.’ Thanks, Glass.
  2. What if Google Glass is mixed with any of the latest innovations in our age. Like, for example, scanning the bar-code of a product and finding from the web about its ratings and helping us to make a choice to whether or not we need to buy a product at the moment.
  3. What if Google Glass actually carries a small camera right into its holder at behind our head. This would be very helpful. Imagine a girl walking on road. She is alone walking on the road. Her video projection on Google Glass, alerts her that there is a guy who is about to create some problem for her. With this, we will have two cameras: front and rear.   

Google Glass is from Google. Now it is time for other big fishes to plunge into the world of wearable computing. And the impact: Already there is a lot of communication gap created by the technological innovations, like smartphones, headphones. Humans rarely talk to people whom they meet outside their home or office. Ya, who would talk to strangers. I agree. But, already a lot of interaction is being lost, with all these technological innovations. It has provided a lot of interaction, wireless. I agree with it. But what if we, human beings distance too much from ourselves because of these?

Samsung, Apple , RIM may not be far away from breaking Google’s Glass.


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