Process of Invention

Recently a thought flashed across me as this:
There are variables to a scenario. A scenario exists where-in each of the variables live in different states.
We can call something as ‘new’ if it is different from its ‘old’ thing. We may perceive the ‘newness’ based on totally different state of the variables observed in that scenario. The newness of the variable is caused due to a change in variable affecting those variables. Here we can now safely assume there are two kinds of variables as in mathematics: dependent and independent. The dependent variables are changed due a change on the variables on which it is dependent on. The independent variables change freely, without bothering about anything else.
Invention is a state where we find something new in a particular existing scenario. This implies that there were few dependent variables affecting that scenario which underwent some change which caused us to observe this newness. This newness happens naturally or artificially. Naturally happening changes are observed by nature-scientists. Artificially happening changes are induced by the works of artificial-scientists. Nature-scientists are those who do nothing, but observe the nature, note the details and make some theories and prove new theories. Artificial scientists are those who do something with nature, induce some changes and observe how the nature responds to those changes, note the details and make some theories and prove new theories.
Invention can be done by all. We need to make changes in parameters affecting a scenario and observe the effects of those changes.
Take a scenario. Note the various variables ( observe dependent and independent ). Make changes to the states of the variables. Note the response from the nature. See this response can be useful to the world. Call it innovation. If not, find a way to make it useful to the world. Call it invention. If u still cannot make it useful, then note it down. Some posterity will look upon these observations and try to make it useful.

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