Exploring Google Chrome

Even though the browser market share is dominated by Internet Explorer, I don’t contribute to that Statistic. I use Google Chrome extensively with few extensions. I love Google Chrome for its simplicity. I like Google Chrome for its thin-like being. Why I say this ? When I use FireFox or even Internet Explorer, I get a feeling that a fat application is trying to get things done for me. I don’t presume that the reader would be able to appreciate what I am trying to say. Chrome makes browsing easy, simple, with less waiting.. with less progress bars.. etc. Keep in mind that these things don’t happen everywhere and everytime.
Why this article at all? It is to understand how Google Chrome is making the users stay at this browser for long.. What we would like to explore, will consist of the external and the internal components of Google Chrome.

Lets try to list a few questions and answer each one of them.

  1. How does the chrome browser try to auto-complete or give suggestions for all the searches done by me?
  2. Which language or set of languages is the browser written in ?
  3. How do the developers of the browser test its functionality ?
  4. What really happens in incognito mode of Chrome?
  5. How Google Chrome makes things fast… why don’t we feel the same with Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  6. What all it takes to write a simple GUI browser?
and few more questions which will get added as and when time passes by…
  1. Auto completion by Chrome.

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