Reality Shows

Generally, we tend to be in a state of easiness. We feel that one day, we can do something about it. One needs to be aware of the reality that surrounds us. Life does not contain scenes from the movies which we watch. If Will Smith acts in a certain way in ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’, it may inspire you for a while. You may even start day-dreaming unconsciously surrounding yourself with castles in air about various scenes in your life and pat yourself on your back. All these visualizations shatter into pieces of glass when reality strikes at you. Reality shows its true self. It makes you aware. It shows the mirror of your thoughts, fantasies, possibilities. It makes you look into the truthness of the series of awesomely stitched events. Sometimes it makes you laugh, as if it was all a joke. Sometimes you feel like going to the ancient times of the sages and become one of them. Sometimes you feel like ‘Can I get an eraser to rub everything that is written till now and start writing afresh?’

P.S: the above sequence of words were created using editor provided by Nothing needs to be coincidental with the life of anyone.


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