Junglee vs Flipkart

I became a fan of Flipkart soon after I started using it frequently for online shopping.
What made flipkart to be my first choice for online shopping ?

  1. Ultra Fast Delivery
  2. Good Packaging 
  3. Awesome Payment Options
  4. Discounts 
If you happen to reside in Bangalore, you are lucky. Flipkart is head-quartered in Bangalore. When I shop using Flipkart, I get reminded of the ad of Quickr. “Quickrrrr…” This is what I felt when Flipkart delivered my items. On the very next day of my order, I would receive a call from a Flipkart representative and he would be ready with the items well packaged.
Flipkart’s delivery motto is as follows:

“For all areas serviced by reputed couriers the delivery time will be 2 to 4 business days. For other areas, orders will be sent by Registered Post through the Indian Postal Service which may take one to two weeks depending on the location.”

As long as the non-reputed delivery channels are not used, you may get your items delivered on time..
I was delighted when I happened to notice the flexibility of payment options provided by Flipkart. You can pay cash on delivery. You need not bother to wait for online payment, waiting for some bank gateway to respond at a snails pace.
The word “discount” rolls our eyes away from the product description itself. Sometimes, while making a choice for purchasing an item, this factor plays an otherwise major role. Hard to disagree on this…
I am happy with the kind of work being done by Flipkart in India. In the history of time, things never stay unchanged and in the context of industries, this holds good. Innovation and competition play a complimentary role for the success of any company. So when I am amazed by the quality of service from Flipkart, something else still amazes me more. It is Amazon. Amazon is the lion of the jungle when it comes to online shopping. And Amazon never fails to surprise the customers. Today I received an ad mail about the launch  Junglee, which is an online product comparison and advertising site offered by Amazon for India. 

Some thoughts on these screenshots:

  • Amazon initially came up with the descriptive interface and Flipkart has directly taken up the “Show all departments” tab and renamed it as “All Categories” in its webpage.
  • Amazon is marketing its own product well by advertising its Kindle and eating up most of the space on its homepage.
  • Junglee seems to be a modified version of Amazon.com homepage with the Departments tab becoming a drop down. It is simpler to navigate. 
  • As far as the books are concerned, Amazon still stands out with its feature: “Click to look inside”, which gives a peep into few pages of the book. Flipkart still needs to catch up with Amazon and draw customers. With Junglee coming up, Amazon could easily fit that feature in easily..
Few things to look at:
  • Amazon was founded in 1995. It is the world’s largest online retailer. Flipkart was founded in 2007, by Bansals who initially worked for Amazon.com. Amazon has its power with its proven technologies to rock the market.
  • BUT Junglee.com does not provide online shopping. It is another advertising site with more features and services offered by Amazon. The bottomline is that you cannot buy from Junglee.com. It just brings buyers and sellers more closer. It provides information about the sellers and the price offered by the sellers for each of the product thereby offering flexibility to choose , for the customers in one hand and offering more opportunities for the sellers to advertise on the other hand.
  • Amazon.com and flipkart.com are players in e-commerce which offers online shopping. In wikipedia’s own words: “the buyer is directly online to the seller’s computer” There is no intermediary involved. But Junglee.com is like an intermediary which offers ads to the buyers on behalf of the sellers and the buyers are later forwarded to the seller’s computer for continuing the shopping..
Today is day one for Junglee.com. It is their beta version too… Hoping to see more features from Flipkart…

6 thoughts on “Junglee vs Flipkart

  1. you just cant compare between an Aggregator and a Store ,

    junglee is an aggregator its true challenge is to beat Indian Shopping Search Engines like Cheapestinindia.com

    you should review all the available competition in product aggregators category



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