The Monk who sold his NANO

Life is no brief candle for me.
It is a sort of splendid flash-light which I have got hold for the moment,
and I want to charge it as much as possible before handing it on to 
future generations.
George Burger Shah

It was a bright day in Nepal. Sun’s rays were falling on a bright face of a saintly man. Augustian’s meditation place was situated right in the midst of ice-capped mountains. It was a cold day, as he was sitting in his monkly attire. His monkly attire consisted of a single dhoti. He also had a saintly turban which he once bought in the kumbha mela festival.
He was trying to meditate on the eternal truth which Krishna declared in Bhagavad Gita, called as Geeta Saar: 
As he was meditating on this eternal truth, tears started rolling down his cheeks. He was on the path of sainthood. He had to get rid of attachments and desires. But memories of the past started flowing like tsunami, which he could not avoid……
Augustian was the only son to his parents. He grew up in the neighbourhood of Bharatpur like any small boy in his boyhood days. He too grew with the passion for Cricket like any other school-going fellow. He would carry his exam-writing pad to his school everyday, even during the non-exam days, inorder to play the mundu cricket.
He was born in the days of cricket, when avid and anguly would make great partnerships and lead the country to triumphant victory in most of the matches. He would silently sneak into his friend’s home every time there was a match against the country. He was literally jumping with joy when the country would win a match. 
Days passed by and sun set and rose many times that now Augustian was ready to take up a job. It was 2nd August, 2004. Augustian always waited for the month of August every year. It happened to be his favourite month. All the wonderful events in his life happened this month. He was born in this month. He won his tennis championship in the month of August, 1992 in his college. He met his girlfriend in the month of August, 2000. 
He was so superstitious about the month of August that he would postpone all his initiatives to be taken up this month. It was 2nd August, 2004. He got a appointment letter from a company, named Finite House Cooper. He was so thrilled about his job offer, he gave a treat to his friends and family members at Hotel Vashi. Hotel Vashi seemed to be the best hotel in town offering tasty, yet expensive food. 
That was 5 years ago, when he joined as a Business Analyst at the Cooper’s. There was something which
was bothering him a lot. He had to buy a car. He was waiting for a car from the automobile industries which would just match his budget. He had managed to save money, inspite of other financial responsibilities. He had few dreams in his life.
One of his many dreams were to buy a car. This tiny dream was fulfilled when NANO came into market. He was known to be the first in his state to get a Nano car. His joy knew no bounds and he shared his joy again at Hotel Vashi.
It was 5th August, 2010. He was saving enough to make a trip to London. He thought for a moment. He called up his friends and made a plan. He was there in the airport before all his friends. He started day-dreaming. He dreamt that he would be sitting amongst the audience and watching the cricketers running in the grounds. He was getting visions of catching a ball which appeared to be a six hit by one of the players. He was truly an avid, fanatic fan of the cricket team.  He was woken up by his friends to board the British Airways.
Atlast he was living his dream. He stood in the stadium along with thousands of supporters. All along, he was shouting slogans supporting the team.  BUT the team played not to his expectations. He was feeling bad all the days when he toured the Great Britain. He even remebered his relatives’ dialogue, “Why are you spending so much and going and watching? Are you going to benefit even a naya paisa??” He asked himself, ” Did I make the right decision to come and watch the game live only to watch them lose like this? “. He was consoled by his friends. “Don’t worry” “All is well” “light teesko raa” “parava illa machaan” and other sorts of consolations… He was on a return trip to India with hopes shattered and dreams battered.  
Days passed, months passed, time ticked by. Sun again rose and set. It was 19th August 2011. He thought for a moment. History does not need to repeat itself. Geography need not remain the same. Physics was not discovered by Newton… and other random thoughts. He made a conference call to his friends distributed across the country. This time, Australia. “Guys, come on. We need to go and cheer up our team. We can make it. We can handle the pressure.” One of his friends disturbed, ” Ya, in australia, pressure is low. ” But this time, Augustian looked at the wall in his office. Augustian looked at his wallet. He logged into his account and checked his balance. The balance was more than enough to have a dinner at Hotel Vashi. He decided. He went to the car shop and he asked, “Kithna detha hai? “.
 He returned home with flight tickets to Australia. He met his friends at the airport. He did not day dream this time. He was looking at his watch. His friends were already at the airport. His superstitions were met till this point. One of his friends remarked, “How much you sold it for?”. He calmly replied, “0.9 lakh”. All of them boarded the flight. He reached the stadium. He did not stand. He did not shout slogans. He saw. He saw wickets falling. He saw sixes. One of the sixes came right into his lap. It was from David Warner.  And the rest he saw was history….
Life does not need to give you thousand reasons to follow the path of truth. It need not give you thousand situations to alert you about your reality. Life will just take some sixes and few fours to make you walk on the path of truth. 
disclaimer: may be a tribute to fans who watched the matches live in the stadium at the Land of Kangaroos and the Land of Elizabeth.
P.S: Augustian was sipping his tea. He just borrowed a transistor from a fellow himalayan. He tuned in and the voice in the transistor said, ” Hello everyone tuned in. This is richie benaud from Melbourne. This is the first match in Aagnipot series…. “

6 thoughts on “The Monk who sold his NANO

  1. Hey dude…
    It was really funtastic da!!!
    Awesome read, enjoyed all through.
    The message/moral conveyed before disclaimer is the shot of the match 😉 Hearty Congratulations Ganesh


  2. Ganesh Swamipillai … a classical piece from you .. I must say with every article ur style, sense of humor, flow of thoughts keep getting better and better …. I really enjoyed reading it .. keep going …

    Kudos … 🙂


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