AI – 1

Microsoft Build 2017 – Pervasive AI, Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Edge, Cortana, Bot Framework, Powerpoint Translator, Adaptive Cards, Visual Studio for Mac, Harry Shum and OpenAI –   Channel9 in MSDN – contains videos related to developer content –   Deep Learning Techniques Overview PDF online –   NVIDIA effort to train humans to learn deep… Read More AI – 1

Javascript library to add ‘stories’ everywhere – zuck.js This is the github repository related to javascript library – zuck.js What it does? You can use this library to create ‘stories’ like effect on your website or mobile apps. This idea is inspired by how WhatsApp has copied the idea from Snapchat Stories. So, anyone is free to use ‘Stories’ feature on their… Read More Javascript library to add ‘stories’ everywhere – zuck.js

Why TPUs?

TPU – Tensor Processing Unit GPU – Graphics Processing Unit CPU – Central Processing Unit This is basically evolution of hardware, progressing hand-in-hand with software. When software requires to be computed faster, hardware is created. Basically, in case of GPUs and TPUs,  the usecase of images and tensorflow computation fits respectively. When hardware is invented… Read More Why TPUs?


Uber hasn’t only taken up market space from many competitors, but also taken up  mind space of lot of entrepreneurs. Lots of startup enthusiasts are encouraged to think in terms of uber solution for problem x. The sharing economy model boosted by uber and on demand services as revealed by uber might change the way… Read More Uberpreneurs

JDK Required: ‘tools.jar’ seems to be not in IDEA classpath

While downloading IDE is easy, but getting it up running might not seem so. This might be the case for many who might try with Intellij IDEA or Android Studio on their linux boxes (for example: OpenSUSE or Fedora). One familiar error statement would be the following: While starting up Intellij IDE, JDK Required: ‘tools.jar’… Read More JDK Required: ‘tools.jar’ seems to be not in IDEA classpath